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vie, 19 mar



International Acro mini-Festival

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International Acro mini-Festival
International Acro mini-Festival

Time & Location

19 mar 2021, 17:00 – 21 mar 2021, 18:30

Leuven, Leuven, Belgium


About the Event

🌎We are happy to invite you to the 2nd edition of the International Acro Mini-Festival🌎   We come back with a new and exciting edition of the IAM!  This festival was born as a meeting of different teachers coming from  different parts of the USA and Europe who share the same passion for  acrobatics. This year we can count on an amazing team of teachers. From  different countries, with their own style and technique they aim to  offer all the acro you love with a variety of fun and interesting  content and a complete, technical and safe learning experience. This  festival is a unique opportunity to learn and train with passionate and  skillful teachers.

You will learn all the tools you need in order to build advanced skills step by step.

During  3 days, you will be able to choose between 2 simultaneous workshops for  each round: an intermediate and an advanced level, as well as, warming  up, handstand sessions and a jam. You will have a wide choice of  training in different acrobatic skills, as:

🔸 Standing Acro (h2h, f2h, pitch&catch and dynamic SA) 

🔸 Icarian

🔸 Whips, Whip-Pops 

🔸 L-base f2h/h2h 

🔸 Acroflow 

You do not need to come with a specific partner. 

 ✅ WHEN 

DAY 1: Friday, January 8th from 17:30 to 21:30 

DAY 2: Saturday, January 9th from 9:30 to 13:30 & from 15 to 19:15 

DAY 3: Sunday, January 10th from 9:30 to 13:30 & from 15 to 18   

WHERE The workshop will take place in Leuven. The venue is equipped with tatami floor, crash pads and lunge.  


EARLY BIRD (extended until October 25th): 180 euros

LATE BIRD (after October 25th):

ALL DAYS: 200 euros

2 DAYS (Saturday and Sunday): 170 euros

1 DAY (Saturday or Sunday): 100 euros

GROUP DISCOUNT --> group of minimum 5 acrobats, 160 euros per person (single purchase of 5+ tickets)


Soon, we will give you information about cheap B/B close to the venue.


RESERVATIONS Click the registration button on top.     

CONTACT Contact us at for any question about pre-requisites, level and content of the festival and workshops.


This mini-Festival is addressed to intermediate and advanced acro levels, NOT FOR ACRO BEGINNERS. Due to the variety of types of movements we decided to set separate prereqs. This means that you do not need to meet all of the prereqs but that you should only attend workshops of the style of which you do have the prereqs.  * Flows: 3 rounds of ninja star, 4steps, Katherines wheel. Those should be clean. Additionally, you have experience with other more advanced washing machines.   * Icarian: Straight throws plank to plank and throne to throne. You can at least link a couple of them in tempo. Additionally, you should feel comfortable in throne to front plank icarian throw.   * Whips: You should not only have experience but also feel comfortable in a Tarzan. You have already worked on backwhips (normal or reversed)   * Standing: You should feel very comfortable in 2 high, you can do a high bird and have a solid S foot to hand.   * H2H: There will be no h2h introduction workshops.


🌀 FER & FIFI (cia. ) 

🌀 LUIGI & FRANCESCA (Sicily Acro)

Driven by their passion for  practicing and sharing, Francesca and Luigi are a couple of instructors  who come from the sunny Sicily, an island in the south part of Italy.  They met 9 years ago and fell in love also thanks to acro-yoga. Luigi is  a Thai and Chinese massage (tuinà) therapist and thanks to his passion  for ancient arts he also became a taiji Chuan teacher with more than 10  years of experience and a Meditation teacher.  Francesca comes from the dance world and she is a psychologist who loves  the special way acroyoga make people connect and support each other  with an open mind attitude, work on personal strengh and bounderins,  experiment the “beeing in the present moment”. They are “Partner  Acrobatic” and “Acro Love” certfied teachers.

In their practice, they love to  create fluid and elegant flows but also enjoy the energy of speed and  tempo through whips, whip-pops, and Icarian games. They focus their  training and teaching on small details and love to break down  complicated moves with ease creating progressions to make sure success  even more complex tricks. They believe that practicing acro yoga is a  lucky opportunity to grow as human beings, to best express every one own  potential and to contribute creating a community of people focused on  sharing, supporting and enjoy life.  In their way of teaching, there is  always a bit of irony between them to remind that smiling is the spice  of life.

They often perform, teach  regular classes, organize workshops and retreats all over the world.  They are co-founders of the “AcroFusion Teacher Training”, an acro yoga  program to become a teacher. The event they like most is the “Sicily  Acro Convention”, a cool acrobatic convention they organize in the  summer, bringing together many national and international teachers and  participants in a marvellous Natural Reserve!

They strongly believe that  creating a joyfull atmosfere during the classes help people to bring out  their inner sun (the warm, playful, entusiastic part of them) and to be  part of a healthy community  where a beautiful laugh never fails!

✨ FB page “Sicily Acro” and Instagram  “ Sicily Acro”

✨ Email:

🌀 PRI & JEN (

​When they started practicing  together, Pri and Jen directly felt a strong connection and a shared  vision focused on the investigation of new and fluid dynamic movements.  Both Acro Revolution certified teachers, they love all kinds of whipping  movements with their momentum that creates fluidity as well as the  feeling of freedom and the height Icarian Games offers them. They are  always looking for new combinations and new synergetic movements. They  are Whips, Whip-pops, and Icarians fanatics. Particularly concerned  about inclusion, in their teaching journey they aim to see each one of  their students flourish, providing skills and progressions to suit  everyone’s needs. Coming from two different countries and living  together in a third one, they speak several languages and their  workshops can be taught in English, Spanish, Italian, French and  Catalan.

Since she was a child, Jennifer has been in love  with movement. She's explored all types of activities such as dancing,  climbing, yoga, and so on, before settling her heart on acro. Pri has  more than 9 years of experience in acroyoga and partner acrobatics. Pri  is also co-founder of the Acro-Gravity project founded in 2017. Since  the beginning, he focused on fluidity and dynamic transitions in  L-basing partner acro.

All this time they have  organized intensive and advanced acroyoga and L-basing acrobatic  workshops, as well as taken part in retreats, festivals, and meetings.  They also are the promotor of the IAM International Acro Mini-Festival  and of All That Move, a movement driven event. They have been teaching,  among other, in the Dutch Acrobatic Festival, Acroyoga Summer Festival,  WAP Festival, FAB (Barcelona Acroyoga Festival) , BAC (Barcelona  Acrobatic Convention), SAFE festival Slovenia, Time-Out Festival  Germany, and many more.  Their latest workshops are part of a successful  tour that is taking them all over Europe, and even to the States to  share their passion and knowledge on fluid dynamic transitions.   ✨ Web: ✨ Facebook:


*** CANCELLATION POLICY *** In case of cancellation, we will refund 70% of the deposit for all  cancellations until December 22th After this date, we won’t be able to  refund any percentage of the price. Though, if you are not able to come, you can transfer your ticket to  another person, letting us know the name of the participant that will  take your place.

*** COVID**

In  the event that we have to cancel this workshop due to  government-mandated Covid 19 regulations, we will refund the full  workshop fee. However, we do not bear the costs for any transport that  has already been booked.


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