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Whips are the most elegant dynamic transitions of the acro world. They take advantage of the momentum to let the Flyers slide on the Bases’ feet, creating fluidity in their movements and making them look just gorgeous.


They combine the high-speed  whips with the adrenaline touch of a pop to change position or even plan! The result is a perfect combination between elegance, adrenaline, air time, and fun! Watch out, once you get a taste of it, you might not want to stop ever more 😉


Have you ever dreamed to fly like a bird? We probably all did. 😊
In these kinds of pops, Bases and Flyers fully disconnect, and the Flyers really do fly! They include a wide range of possibilities that allow you to change position in an incredibly dynamic and fun way. Once you get the technique, so many variations of all levels become possible that they are just addictive.

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