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Have you ever dreamed to fly like a bird? We probably all did. 😊
In these kinds of pops, Bases and Flyers fully disconnect, and the Flyers really do fly! They include a wide range of possibilities that allow you to change position in an incredibly dynamic and fun way. Once you get the technique, so many variations of all levels become possible that they are just addictive.
Another great thing is that they are the perfect discipline to become a great Spotter in addition to an excellent Flyer/Base. Did you know that at a professional level, the Spotter is usually the Coach? That’s because spotting enables you to see and live the movement with a completely different perspective, so if you’re good at spotting a movement, you are much more likely to become great at doing it yourself!


Learn the Art of  Icarian Games with us

Learn the Art of  Icarian Games with us


By subscribing our Online Training Program you can choose the Icarian trick/s you want to learn and you will receive the video tutorial with guided lines, drills, progression and spotting technique.


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