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Whips are the most elegant dynamic transitions of the acro world. They take advantage of the momentum to let the Flyers slide on the Bases’ feet, creating fluidity in their movements and making them look just gorgeous. They also have the adrenaline touch of high-speed movements, and if you add a pop to it, then it’s the perfect combination between elegance, adrenaline, air time, and fun! Watch out, once you get a taste of it, you might not want to stop ever more 😉
So yes, there are dynamic and so they can be scary. The good news is we are experts at this, and we’ve created a complete foundation course full of step by step progressions that will enable you to learn these movements at your own pace in a totally safe environment. Whips will never have looked more accessible!


Learn the Art of  Whips with us

Learn the Art of  Whips with us


By subscribing our Online Training Program you can choose the Whip/s you want to learn and you will receive the video tutorial with guided lines, drills, progression and spotting technique.


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