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Image by J Williams


Did you know every single Prillow is handmade?


Prillow is not an industrial product, but a handmade prop developed by Pri and Jenn first on Pri’s needs, and eventually on all other base’s needs!

We keep working on improving our products in order to satisfy every single need, so don’t hesitate to give us a feedback. We love to hear about our Prillow’s performances and getting new ideas to make them even better.

Now, you know why making your Prillow takes time to produce, and why it is so special!

So sometimes, due to our frequent travels and to logistic issues, we may need a little more time than usual to deliver the orders. Even though we always try to deliver as quickly as possible as we understand your eagerness to use it, we hope you will understand and enjoy the prize of your patience when you finally receive your unique Prillow.

Thank you for helping us making this product special!

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