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ErgoBoost PRILLOW is the last generation of Prillow. With its higer sides and its ergonomic shape, it will offer you more stability during your dynamic acro session.


► The innovative shape and the exact density provided by a multi-layer tailored foams enables you to use a wider range of muscles, giving you more power.

► The high sides, the ergonomic shape and the belt ensure a fully contact with your lower back and improve the grip during the practice. It makes easier for you work on tempo!

► Prillow offers support to your lower back, during pops, Icarian and foot juggling, thus avoiding muscle over-contraction and preventing impacts on the back.

Prillow - ErgoBoost

129,00 €Price
  • See the picture:



    If HD ≤ 35 cm, your Prillow size is 35 cm

    If HD > 35 cm, your Prillow size is 40 cm

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